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The Fanfiction of HBO's Deadwood

~A Hell of a Place to Make Your Fortune~

Deadwood FanFiction
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About Deadwood FanFiction

This community was created in response to the severe lack of places for fans of the HBO show "Deadwood" to have a place where they can enjoy original fanfiction about the show in a safe environment where positive feedback and constructive criticism can be shared by all.

Who can join?

Membership is open to anyone, but you must be a member to post stories.

What types of stories can be posted?

Really, the sky's the limit. Feel free to post any of your writings as long as your story meets the following qualifications....

1.) Stories must be posted ONLY by the original author. Plagarism of any kind will NOT be tolerated.

2.) Stories must be about any aspect of "Deadwood" as portrayed in the HBO series. This is a purposely broad definition so that many types of stories can be shared. This includes multi-chapter stories, one-shots, character studies, vignettes, works-in-progress or completed stories, alternate universe stories, etc. The stories may also involve any type of romantic pairing as long as it is clearly labeled.

3.) Stories which are posted must be tagged with the following information (in some way, shape, or form).

-Story Title
-Author's Name
-Rating (Any rating from G to NC-17 is allowed, but clearly RATE your story)
-Summary (Although it is not mandatory, indicating if the story is about a specific set of characters is helpful. EX: Al/Trixie)

4.) If you are posting a story directly on the site (which is perfectly okay!) as opposed to a link to another website/LJ/etc., please place the story behind a LJ cut for the courtesy of other readers.

To the readers....

Feedback, comments, and constructive criticism are always loved and adored by fanfic authors. If you like a story, let the author know! By that same token, no flaming will be allowed by anyone. So, play nice if you don't want to end up taking a trip to see Mr. Wu's pigs....

I have a problem. Who do I talk to?

While the Gem's saloonkeeper may run things in Deadwood, the little boss of this community is none other than lesera128. Feel free to contact her with any questions/comments/concerns.

A word to the wise....

The very nature of "Deadwood" means that adult language and themes are constantly dealt with in corresponding fanfiction... if you have a problem with the profanity, sexuality, violence, and other adult things which are sure to be shared here, this community is NOT for you....~

*Please note that all photos used in this site are courtesy http://www.calamitydan.com/.*